713-274-800 or www.hctax,net


How is my Tax bill calculated?
Your property value is determined by the Harris County Appraisal District, the multiplied by the tax rate set by each taxing unit assessed on the property.

When is my property tax bill due? By January 31st

How can I pay my taxes?
In person at any of our 15 branch locations. 

Or by mail to:    Ann Harris Bennett
                        Harris County Tax Assessor - Collector
                        P.O. Box 4622 - Houston, TX 77210 - 4622

Online or by phone:    www.hctax.net  or at 713-274 CARD (2273) 

Do you Offer payment plans for delinquent taxes?   Yes but restrictions apply. You may request a payment plan via email at  tax.office@hctx.net, by fax 713-368-2219, by mail to P.O. Box 4663, Houston, TX 77210-4663 or by calling 713-274-8000.

How do exemptions save your money?
Exemptions reduce the taxable taxable value of your property. Exemptions do NOT eliminate taxes. To apply download the exemption application from www.hcad.org.

Who is eligible to register to vote in Harris County?
The following are the eligibility rules:
a US Citizen
Harris County resident
be 17 yrs abd 10 months of age - (You must be 18 years old to vote)
not be convicted felon (unless your sentence is completed.
not have been determined by final judgment of a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be
totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right t vote

My name has changed. Can I still vote? You may continue to vote. Notify the Harris County Voter Registrar in writing of the name change following the same steps for a change of address.

What does the term "suspense" mean on a voter's record? A voter known to have an incorrect or outdated address.

How soon before an election can I Register and be able to vote in that election? Application must be submitted 30 days before the election date.

After I have registered, when will I receive my Voter Registration Certificate? within 30 days

Where can I get a Voter Registration application? 
At All tax office locations, online, or by phone.

I'm New to Texas. How do I register my car?
First, have your vehicle inspected at a certified TX Dept. of Public Safety inspection station. Then visit any Harris County Tax Office to fill out a application for a TX Certificate of Title. Must provide proof of insurance & ownership to receive your new TX license plates & registration sticker.

How do I transfer ownership from person to person?
Must present the vehicle's original title properly assigned to the new owner.
Submit a 130 - U Title Application with the buyers signature.
Provide liability insurance in the new owner's name, or if the date of sale has not passed the 30 - day window to transfer ownership - an insurance policy on another vehicle may be submitted. If the vehicle registration has expired, the vehicle must be inspected before conducting the ownership transfer. A valid form of id must be presented. All fee must be paid at time of transaction.

Where can I apply for a lost title? 
Call the TX Dept. of Motor Vehicles at 713-316-6100 or visit their Houston Regional Service Center at 2110 East Governors Circle, Houston, TX 77092.

I was gifted a vehicle. How do I change the title to my name? Visit any Harris County Tax Office to conduct a gift transaction. Fee must be paid to complete the transaction.

How do I notify the state that I sold my car? Fill out a VTR - 346 and submit.

What do I do if my license plates are lost, damaged, or stolen? What about replacing a windshield sticker? Visit any Harris County TX office to purchase replacement license plates and stickers. Or by mail or online. A form VTR-60 must be completed and fee paid.


Chamber Memerbship Application & Letter
Benefits of Chamber Members - Sign, Luncheon with directors, special events, your business recommended to others, info on the website.


Tax I.D. Number _________________________________________________________

Please present to the board of Directors this application for membership in the South Houston Chamber of Commerce.  I agree to invest $__________________ each year until canceled by written notice (30) days prior to renewal date.  I also understand there is a one time $25.00 administration fee due with my first investment payment which totals $_______________.  I also agree to abide by the South Houston Chamber of Commerce by-laws, which are on file at the Chamber office for my review any time during business hours.  I understand failure to abide by the purpose and by-laws of the Chamber could result in termination of my membership.  It is my understanding this investment is non-refundable and non-transferable.  I also understand my membership will terminate within ninety (90) days after receipt of statement if annual dues are not paid.  The Chamber is a 501 (c)(6) organization and the IRS has ruled your investment may be tax deductible as a business expense.


FILE BY NAME IF DIFFERENT THAN ABOVE_______________________________________

TYPE OF BUSINESS___________________________________________________________

ADDRESS PHYSICAL_____________________________________________________
                                   STREET                                      CITY & STATE                            ZIP CODE & 4 (REQUIRED)

ADDRESS MAILING______________________________________________________
                               STREET/P.O. BOX                       CITY & STATE                              ZIP CODE & 4 (REQUIRED)

TELEPHONE (      ) __________________________  EMAIL __________________________

FAX (     ) _______________________   WEBSITE ___________________________________

COMPANY ESTABLISHED_________________
                                                  MONTH     DAY    YEAR


Representatives Name & Title                                                              Address if different than company

There can be only one voting representative for each member.  Each representative may have a different address.  Please check mark “B” by the rep. You wish to receive the billing.

Enter by each representative any of the following attribute codes:

Please check if you wish a ribbon cutting or open house (you do not have to be a new business) YES [     ]     NO [     ]

Signature of Member Representative __________________________Date_________ 


Dear Prospective Member,

By being a member of the City of South Houston Chamber of Commerce you will instantly tap into a fast growing organization that is dedicated to representing the South Houston business community.

A NEW FEATURE – The Chamber is offering an opportunity for Business to advertise their company on our NEW LED Sign.

Display Ad - pixel 32x112, Each line plays for 9 seconds every minute all day
Members                      Non-Members
____ 3 ½ days - $150.00                         $200.00
____ 1 week - $300.00                            $400.00
____ 1 month – $1,050.00                         $1,150.00
____ 6 months – $6,300.00…  …………. $6,400.00

We are ready to serve you and your business to the greatest extent possible.  Please give me a call.  I would be happy to answer any other questions.

Jo Ann Parish

South Houston Chamber of Commerce
58 Spencer Hwy
South Houston, TX 77587
713-943-3978 Fax